SecuChat Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Top 10 Best Android Apps - July 2017

Some of my Best Android Apps of July 2017! My Top 10 Best applications on android for this month in 2017 - including Privacy, Security, Productivity, Photography and Entertainment! Applock:...

How to Enhance Your Driving Experience with Android Phone

In this video, we show you how you can use your Android smartphone to enhance your car driving experience. You can use your Android smartphone in your car to monitor speed, check out car diagnostic...

Android Messages vs Samsung Messages (RCS)

This video is to help you decide which messaging service fits you best! Rate, comment, subscribe! Donations: PayPal.Me/shawnbnice twitter: shawn_b_nice IG: shawnbnice SC: shawnbnice FB: shawnbnic...

15 Cool New Android Apps You Didn’t Know About - 2017 (Hindi)

Let's have a look at the cool new Android apps that are very useful for every day task on Android. Also Read: Top 20 New Android Apps of 2016 That You Shouldn't Miss

App Gems: Pocket Casts Review - Podcast App for iOS, Android, and Web

Android: (Affiliate link) / iPhone: - I am starting a new infrequent segment where I share some of my favorte mobile apps. Today I'm taking a look at...

5 INSANE Android Apps - NO ROOT 2017

5 INSANE Android Apps - NO ROOT 2017 In this episode of the top android applications, we will be taking a look at 5 new insane android applications specially made for the end of 2017. Download...

The best podcast apps for iOS and Android

Podcasts are more popular than ever, but what's the best way to listen? There are a ton of apps that can do the job, and we tested many of them to uncover the best. Subscribe:

Alfred Security Cam App review ( Turn your old Smartphones into a home security system )

Turn your old smartphone into home or office security camera with this application that's free in the playstore. I am not being paid to review this app at all.

Reviewing Bad Apps

I am in no way affiliated or sponsored by any of these apps, this is all in good fun and really is not meant to do anything other than make giggles. Please subscribe to my channel and my...

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